how to play online slots

How To Play Online Slots

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how to play online slotsSo you’ve signed up to your favourite slot site, claimed your no deposit welcome bonus and you’re ready to play.

However, as you’re probably already aware, the complexities of online slots can be far more stark than your classic slot machines. With that in mind, it’s never a bad idea to master the fundamentals before diving in headfirst.

Firstly, most online slots have five reels as opposed to the more traditional three. Secondly, winning streaks can be diagonal, zigzag, top or bottom row – although the locations of winning streaks vary from one slot to another.

You’ll also find that online slots, such as video slots, feature many exciting features such as wilds and scatter symbols- and that’s without even mentioning bonus rounds!

To help you get started, we’ve provided the lowdown on some of the key things to keep in mind:

Pay lines

The number of winning lines usually varies somewhere between nine and 30 per game, and winning streaks can be found anywhere along the pay line, even if matching symbols do not appear next to each other.

The number of pay lines you decide to bet on is matched by the size of the stake per spin. For example, if you’re betting on 12 pay lines, you will need to play 12 coins per spin.

So, the more lines you bet on, the greater my chances of winning, right?

Well, this isn’t strictly true- just remember to put limits on how much you can afford to play with and take breaks if you’re hitting a losing streak.

Setting Bet Amounts Online Slots

Setting your betting amount is simple, and can be completed in two easy steps. Firstly, every slot has a minimum and a maximum stake requirement, so you must enter your chosen amount per spin.

Secondly, you must decide how many pay lines to bet on, as discussed above. Your set bet will then be the stake you have entered multiplied by the number of pay lines you have opted to bet on. So, for example, if you are betting on 12 pay lines with your stake set at 2 coins, this will cost 24 coins in total per spin.

Online Return To Player (RTP) Frequency

It is crucial to understand that the RTP percentage is calculated in reference to the machine, and not the individual player. This means that if a machine has, for example, a RTP percentage of 90, that 90% of the total money wagered will be redistributed to players in winnings.

This also means that the higher the RTP%, the greater your chances of winning on that particular game.

Once the Slot Game Begins

Although each slot game has its own unique theme, you are not required to memorise what each symbol on each game means, as this will become obvious due to their bright colours and loud sound effects.

You should always read up on ‘how to play’ details whenever you start a game you’re unfamiliar with and that will also give you insight into the many bonus rounds, wilds or scatter symbols involved.

Remember, you can alter your selected number of pay lines and your desired stake between spins. This is definitely recommended for beginners, as it is a good way to get an overall feel for the game whilst experimenting to discover the most lucrative strategies.

Finally, at some slot sites, you can also take advantage of no deposit slot bonuses meaning you can play slots for free without having to wager any cash. Or if you would rather test some games out in Free Play and see these features in action, check out our New Slots page.

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