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The Best Retro Slots Available To Play Right Now!

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rubiks cubeWe all like a look back to yesteryear and enjoy the nostalgia of days gone by but did you know there are also tons of slot games that hark back to the good old days too?

Yes, you can find tons of retro themed slots that cover all types of topics and themes, so whether you’re a comic book fan or a lover of the traditional fruit machine take a look at some of our favourite retro slots below and start playing today!

The Best Retro Slots

Below you’ll find some of the most popular retro themed slots available today, alongside all the details you need to know.

Rubiks Riches

You can’t get more retro than a Rubiks Cube, so this slot is certainly one that offers a blast from the past.

It’s far less complex than actually doing a Rubiks Cube and it sees the reels replaced by a cube which you must then attempt to colour match.

It’s a unique slot and really offers a nice twist if you are a little tired of the standard video slot format.

Retro Reels

This slot does exactly what it says on the tin and is a slot that is styled like the classic fruit machine you’d see in bars and casinos in the 1970s.

With 20 paylines there is opportunity to win some nice payouts and the symbols are exactly what we’ve come to know and love with the traditional slot.

If you want a no frills slot with retro influences, then this is the one for you.

Jackpot 6,000

Again, another slot inspired by the fruit machine, Jackpot 6,000 is a 3 reel slot from NetEnt that offers an incredible RTP of 98.9%.

It’s one of the most popular slots around and has tons of multipliers of up to 35x. The jackpot, as you’ve probably guessed is 6,000 and down the years we’ve seen it dished out plenty of times.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman was a huge hit on television in the 1970s and of course the comic books are equally as popular.

The Wonder Woman slot is available at many slot sites and is a 5 reel slot packed full of brilliant bonuses and free spins galore.

There are dozens of slots based upon superheroes but if you really want a blast from the past, then Wonder Woman will blow you away.


Moving on from the 70s we would now like to introduce Evangelion, a slot that is very 90s at heart.

Inspired by Japanese anime of the period, and the Neon Genesis Evangelion series, this slot pays out big, with a whopping 1,024 different ways to win.

The Combat Free Spins Bonus is what makes this slot stand out, as players are encouraged to work their way through a post- apocalyptic Tokyo with all the main characters of the series featured prominently.

While it may not be as retro as a Rubiks cube, Evangelion is one of the most compelling and immersive online slots around.