best slot free spins games

The Best Slot Free Spins Rounds: Which Slots Have The Best Bonus Game?

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best slot free spins games

Most Exciting Bonus Rounds in Online Slots

When playing online slots, it’s important to enjoy playing the game itself, as well as winning. Slots routinely offer fabulous bonus rounds to add to the appeal and keep gamers gripped for as long as possible, but which one’s are the best?

Here we explore some of the most exciting bonus rounds the world of online slots has to offer, whilst offering a brief description of what slots players can expect to find.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail Slot Bonus Game

Playtech, one of the leading slot software providers, have successfully recaptured the brilliance of this classic film and turned it into a thrilling online slot game.

In the game’s Quest for Camelot feature, you are required to pick shields which will determine which bonus game you play from either The Forest of Bravery, The Castle of the Britons, or The Cave of Caerbannog.

The shields include a variety of modifiers, among which are the farting French Invaders and the three-headed knight. Both create wild symbols wherever they appear, as does the killer rabbit.

Overall, this is up there with the most compelling and unique bonus features out there, and it is certainly the funniest.

Pink Panther Slot Bonus Game

Pink Panther contains another excellent bonus feature from Playtech. Based on the popular cartoon-film series, the game has four bonus games which can be randomly triggered as you play.

The Colour Pink bonus is perhaps the most intriguing of the four, and involves the Pink Panther and the Little Man painting a wall of numbers, with all pink winnings being added together and multiplied by your total bet to create a huge cash prize. You can then try your luck up to three more times or pocket your cash.

Family Guy Slot Bonus Game

The Family Guy video slot is a must for all Family Guy fans who enjoy a flutter. This riveting game features all the main characters from the long-running show, as well as some excellent bonus featured to get your teeth into.

These include the Drunken Clam bonus, where you can select different characters and multiply your bet by up to 1000x, while the Chicken Fight bonus is in-keeping with the shows hilarious plots, as Peter and the Giant Chicken award cash prizes as they fight their way across town.

Gladiator Jackpot Slot Bonus Game

Available at many of the best slot sites, win big in the Coliseum with the superb bonus features in Gladiator jackpot. Themed on the multi award-winning film, the Coliseum bonus is activated when players scatter three or more in the opening round.

You can earn up to 12 free games and up to a 3x multiplier with a unique round in the game which involves turning stones at four different levels to reveal the number of free games. Boost your chances of winning by earning more scatters and wilds.

Meanwhile, the thrilling Gladiator Jackpot bonus displays nine helmets with a cash prize in each – spin nine gold helmets to hit the jackpot.